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“Une flâneuse au Pakistan” a travel story by Oriane Zérah

“Oriane Zérah wants to share another image of Pakistan with the world, its beauty and diversity that goes far beyond the clichés of repression and terrorism. She travels alone, as it is the only way to truly encounter others, to truly experience another land, another way of life. She speaks some Urdu, which allows her to communicate more easily with the local people.
A woman travelling alone in Pakistan, is it safe? Oriane’s book describes her journey in very human terms. She describes the people she meets, the places she sees, life with the other European travellers in the region, sleeping in cheap guest houses.
She throws herself into life with no hesitation, ready and willing to experience it all, doing what she can to ensure her safety, but never allowing fear to dictate her choices. She travels using local transport, like the people in the places she visits. Most of the time she is in the company of men, but she is almost never made to feel uncomfortable or unwelcome.
Oriane’s journey in the book takes her to attend a polo match between local teams, in Shandur, high up in the mountains in the middle of nowhere. She wants to film the organizer and  this annual event.”


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