The roads which connect Lahore in Karachi cross the states of the Punjab and the Sindh. Cities and villages are stuffed with sanctuaries and with graves dedicated to saints, poets, pious souls, miracle-workers …
By penetrating into one of them, we notice fast whom we are very far from the rigorism lauded by Taliban. The atmosphere is serene, soothing. The fervour is tangible. The sanctimonious persons often come in family. They multiply the marks brands of worship to the saints: meditation on the velvet sheet which covers its grave, torrents of tears paid in homage to the great man, the meditation silently joined hands, lowered glance … They come from all over the country to tie a ribbon or a piece of fabric in the door of a sanctuary by making a wish, they dance until the intoxication to take away the bad eye, expel the djiin which is in them, they give way bodies and souls until the trance to the furious and hypnotic rhythms of dhôls (A traditional drum with double face) by chanting the name of a saint, in murmuring of the incantations, by singing prayers.
This report photo is a glance put on an underestimated and demonized country. It aims at showing an aspect of different and differentiating Pakistan.